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Body Cream - Heavy

Body Cream - Heavy

SKU: 7

This cream is filled with all natural ingredients.

It's on the heavier side, more oily and thicker than my other body cream. Which makes it perfect for dry skin. So you can rub it into your dry skin areas, straight after your shower/bath. 

It comes in a convenient, take anywhere air pump container.

  • Ingredients

    - Shea Butter (Unrefined)

    - Cocoa Butter (Unrefined)

    - Olive Oil (Pure)

    Coconut Oil (Pure Fractionated) : Comes in liquid form. this is the ingredient, that helps leave your skin looking soft, smooth without clogging your pores and though it may leave your skin a little oily at first, but will pass. Perfect for sensitive skin.

    - Essential Oil 

    - Colourant

    - Unscented

    - E: 150ml

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